The All About You Team

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Our Salon is one of the largest modern Salons in the town centre of Wisbech, We offer top quality products and services at affordable prices. Everyone's welcome through our door and our friendly staff are always on hand to help, whether it's for Hair, Beauty, Nails & Tanning or just a friendly chat and a cup of tea, whatever we do it's "ALL ABOUT YOU" 

Our Story


Opened on the 4th July 2011 (America's independence day) we celebrated being independent in our own way, we became self employed and opened our brand new Salon at 23 High Street. Just over 2 years later we had already outgrown the building. The team had worked hard, become well established and deserved a larger, more modern building to showcase their talents.  We are now in our new Salon, at 28 High Street, just 5 doors down from the old one!




Our Vision

Onwards and Upwards, Our vision is to keep improving our quality and service. We aim to discover our clients expectations and exceed them, not just in terms of their current appointment, but for the Salon's ongoing improvements in the future.  

We both enjoy helping the local community. We support as many local charity events with prizes and donations as possible. We are now part of the Wisbech town loyalty card Scheme and want to support and encourage the growth of our town centre for the future. 


Jo & Mark
All about You Ltd